Monday, 5 October 2009

First Post.

Hi I am Julia but people call me Jewelz . The reason i chose the title Tales of a Preteen Drama Queen is not because i make a big deal out of everything but because I LOVE to Act and be dramatic (but not in a bad way if you know what i mean.) I am very creative i love to sing and act. This year i am in MANY extra curricular activities. Here is my list: Honor choir (girl and boys choir) , Treble makers ( All girls choir), Show choir (choir where you perform like singing and dancing.), Compass club (Club where you help volunteer) and the play Alice in Wonderland.
So usually every day except for Saturday and Sundays I usually always have something before school or after school.

I am a straight A student but lately i have been getting some B's but i am trying to do better and study harder. Some people may think this is weird but if someone tells me i am a Drama Queen I usually take it as a compliment. Yes i know what you are thinking Wow she thinks that is a compliment? What planet is she living on? I know it isn't really a compliment i just take it a different way.

I am in the play Alice in Wonderland where i am the Duchess you may not know of me thats okay i didn't know of me either apparently i am in the book through the looking glass which is pretty much Alice in Wonderland. I have a baby pig. How did the author think of that i have no clue. My "inspiration" is i am a mother who cares more about my social life than my kid. I slap the child. WEIRD! i hope the cops don't come and find me for child abuse.

What i would like to do when i get older is I would like to be a preschool through 1st grade teacher I love little kids and i like to be creative with them. Right now i babysit and have so much fun with it i like to bring prizes and make games so the kids can have fun and be excited the next time they see me.

I am DEFINITELY not the only child in my family! We have adopted 3 little kids from Asia. I will start from youngest to oldest of my siblings counting me. Emma: 2 adopted from Vietnam Ryan:3 adopted from China Jenna: 6 adopted from China Me: 12 Ross:19 Trace:22 Christy: 21 Jamie: 24 and those are my siblings. i love being in a big family to think being the only child would be lonely.

Well that is my story, and i hoped you liked it and hopefully i will be on soon following after my mother's footsteps and posting pictures and videos and one day have a famous blog with thousands of viewers. I would love it if you would comment. It shows me how you are liking my blog and that people are actually reading. Thanks

Jewelz <3


  1. Great first post! :-) You did a great job describing yourself. I can't wait to see what you post about next!

  2. Julia that was awesome!!!!!!

  3. That's an excellent description of you my dear. Now we just need to work on your blog design!